Archimede's secrets - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Find a lost file with secret discoveries of Archimedes!

Archimedes ze Syracuse (probably 287 B.C. – 212 B.C.) He was a Greek mathematician, physicist, philosopher, inventor and astronomer, whose life was surrounded with numerous notable moments. The time, in which he lived, was one of the more difficult periods of ancient Sicily, prosecuted three Punic wars for domination of the Mediterranean between Rome and Carthage.

At the siege of the city in the Second Punic War Archimedes was killed. His office invaded the Roman legionaries, that it should have led to who had lead him to the Roman chieftain, who besieged Syracuse (Marcus Claudius Marcellus). Archimedes asked for some time, to complete the unfinished task, but impatient soldier stabbed Archimedes.

After his death the Archimedes house was searched by Roman soldiers , who took all of his valuable works. The only file consistently remained hidden in the bowels of a secret study – file studying possibilities to influence the Earth's gravitational field. Find this sooner rather, Find that file before the Roman soldiers return!

Access to the secret workroom is protected by numerous codes, puzzles and discoveries of Archimedes himself. Check knowledge, logical thinking, ingenuity and teamwork. Can you manage to find a secret study, file and forgotten the way back?

Escape From Guantánamo - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

You will find yourself in a cell 666 Guantanamo Bay prison block C just in time, when guards were called to the rebellion of prisoners in Block A.

You have exactly 60 minutes.

You have to find a replacement key from the cell, which is well kept and run out before the guards come to check your cell . For attempting to escape you face a life sentence and something much worse. Getting out will not be easy.

Awaits many tasks and clues , that were left behind by ex-prisoners, when they tried to escape, but that they failed. After the last unsuccessful escape confusing clues were left behind and the guards themselves, so that you confuse and prevent further possible escape. In the next prisoner transports you can be too.

Prison awaits, so do not hesitate and voluntarily subscribe.

Gulliver's travel

Dive into Gulliver's stories and enjoy a dream trip to other worlds ...

Lemuel Gulliver described the incredible stories of other worlds, who lived during voyages on the seas and oceans around the world.

It was fiction, dream or reality?

Find the answers in Runaway.

Try to help Gulliver's stories confirm. Journey to Lilliput and Brobdingnag way into many dangers and promote an unusual experiences. But few people believed Gulliver, He met people only a few centimeters high, or that are contrary to Brobdingnag found himself on an island inhabited by giants.

Explore Gulliverův room. Find travel logs, make up his story and bring an evidence, All that Gulliver across invent. You have exactly 60 minutes. Can you help him?

Christopher Columbus

As ambassadors of the King of Spain to confirm, that Columbus reached the shores of India, the western route.

You will find yourself in the Spanish port in 15. century. Try to secretly get on one of the ships of Christopher Columbus and bring testimony king made a voyage.

All you have to cope 70 minutovém limitu. Are you ready to take a trip to Columbus spy?

Christopher Columbus (born around 31. October 1451, Genoa - 20. May 1506, Valladolid) He was a Genoese navigator and colonizer, born in the Republic of Genoa in northwest Italy today. discoverer of America.

Although some say, the Greenlandic Vikings discovered America a few centuries earlier, only to act Italian adventurer in the service of the Spaniards 1492 marked a turning point.

Buddha's footstep

Buddha, by own name Siddhártha Gautama, He lived from 623-543 BC. n. l.) He is the founder Buddhism. Name Buddha is awake, enlightened.

Buddhism It is the oldest universal religion. Was created more than two thousand years ago in northern India and permanently influenced the spiritual life and the direction of the country, which is born.

Explore the mystical part of ancient Asia. Go in Buddha's footsteps and explore the unknown secrets of a hidden for thousands of years. Mysterious and adventurous journey starts at the "tree of knowledge". Mysterious adventure awaits. Will you discover the secret sooner, than it reveals Indian ascetics? you have 60 minutes to solve challenges and traps, opening the door back to Europe.

Al Capone

Alphonse Gabriel Capone (17. January 1899 Brooklyn, New York25. January 1947 Palm Beach, Florida), also known by the nickname Scarface (.), He was one of the most famous bosses of organized crime operating in USA and 20. years 20. century. Even though he is said , to have had many people executed, none of the murders has been proved to him..

Al Capone's dreaded police arrested a gang controlled by rival Bugs Moran. Help him during the harsh prohibition of alcohol for freedom and find evidence against himself Moran. You find yourself in Capone's club. evidence, which are hidden to help you get out before they arrive Moran's gang and club and you burn .... So fast, Time is ticking!

007 - secret project

The terrorists planted an explosive charge in a London train and made its departure impossible. You have a limited time to remove dangers and rescuing London!

The time bomb XG21 was placed in the train at Victoria station.. Time is running. The terrorists made the train departure impossible. If the bomb explodes, Secret Service estimates the heavy damage to a substantial part of central London. London is in serious danger. The train was removed due to its failure and the departure to Preston has been cancelled. You have to eliminate the danger during regular operations , in such a way that nobody will notice the serious situation and it does not cause panic. It is only possible to deactivate the bomb at the finishing station. The British Secret Service has provided support to you and will continue to do so,, however this is not an official operation and any potential failure will be your responsibility.!

Your next instructions will be received at the station……


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