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Exit Game RunAway - Escape rooms


Are you on the best way to get to those feelings quickly.

closed room. Race against time. You and 60 minutes …


Exit Game RunAway - Escape rooms

Call your friends, sister, brother, anyone who is your best buddy and try our escape games Runaway.


How our escape games?

  • An escape game you build your own team from 2 to 5 people.
  • Please come back 10 minutes before the deadline of your reservation. You get a briefing and then the game begins
  • You will find yourself in a room, which will take you into the plot of the story.
  • You will have 60 minutesfor this, to solve a sequence of puzzles and codes using various clues and objects, which can be found in room.
  • Do not forget, it is a teamplay. It depends on your cooperation, on the speed and skill of your thinking. Can you do it?
  • More about how you play, unfortunately we can not say and do not want, because it would (how find out for yourself) no sense of the game.
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For whom is exit game?

Escape games are open to all playful and competitive adults and children. Only children accompanied by an adult.

for friends

Bring your team and fight down this challenge in the best possible time. If you have gone through all the festivals, museums and attractions nearby and looking for something different and new, believe, that our game is the right thing for you..

For family

Need an idea for your family trip? A room full of puzzles and locks will certainly be, the one your children will love and remember. Who does not like mysteries and secrets? This fascinates everyone, whether young or old.

Teambuilding for companies

Live escape game is perfect as a teambuilding for group of colleagues, Exciting entertainment where colleagues will test the skills and abilities of each other. .., .. It’s the way to get to know and understand their team roles.

We offer you packages with benefits and on your request we can prepare something to eat..